Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Holidays & Fundraising

^i^ My Angel Jacob – 5 months in Heaven ^i^

I hope every one enjoyed and had a safe forth of July, I can honestly say I did not see a single fire work :0/ There are not many areas in my area that even allow them. Honestly that really sucks for the little ones, growing up and enjoying the BBQ & fireworks with family on the forth is what I remember. Even Jacob got to enjoy them up to a few years ago, he loved the Forth of July, Just another day he looked forward to and a day I LOVED to take pictures, but since when did I not have a camera in one hand LOL (thank God) We always made sure to make the best of it no matter where he was home or in the hospital, he always wore his beautiful smile! Love you & miss you so much Jacob, I know you watched plenty of beautiful fireworks.
Forth of July 2008

Forth of July 2009
Lost in total chaos of fundraising, the last three years when I set up fundraising events to help families financially and help with funds to find that big word CURE!!! In the past I don’t remember stressing over the events like I am this year, I know it has a lot to do with Jacob’s passing and of course having a little extra time, but I do swear it is a lot harder year after year trying to get donations and participants for the events. Sometimes I feel I am in an endless circle of frustration. After a event is over and knowing any little bit I was able to raise makes me feel better, this is the reason why I do it. To know that there are families that will benefit from all my hard work. Just up till recently we were one of those families and I greatly appreciated any little thing, any bit DID help!!
My next fundraising event Jammin Jacob Bowling. In Memory of Jacob for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Kids and Family’s that need your prayers see:

Thank You for all your prayers,

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