Jacob's Story

Hi, my sons name is Jacob Dillon Samaniego, born to the parents Tony & Melisa Samaniego on October 7th, 2002.
He was 3 yrs old when he starting having constant fevers that would just keep coming and at times spiking at 103. to 104. he just felt so yucky. With 3 miss-diagnosis, he was miss diagnosed with an ear infection, strep throat, viral infection and then the Dr. did some basic blood tests and it tested positive for Mono and being anemic, I thought, we finally have an answer. But the fever came back again about a day, day ½ later spiking to 104., during all this about a month had already went by. Then with more extensive, blood work is when he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) in July 2006. All I could think was no your wrong, it can’t be CANCER !! Not my little boy! My heart skipped a beat, we were devastated! Our world became a sudden blur, tiring to figure out if we were dreaming. That day was the beginning of the new Journey that Jacob and our family were about to take. It would test the deepest core of our unit, our family. We spent the first 3 ½ weeks in the Hospital for Bone Marrow aspirations, spinal taps and the different Chemo’s, he did well with all the medications. The nurses made a big difference with making Jacob feel more at ease, he learned spoiled really fast!! :O) We were just about at the 2yr mark and in maintenance when he was starting to have headaches and nausea, after a spinal & bone marrow aspiration we found out the Leukemia was back, talk about devastating, he was doing so well!?!? They found out he had a small amount of Leukemia cells in his spinal fluid and bone marrow. It was May 23rd 2008 when he starting treatment all over again and alot more of it, at this point he is now 5. The first 4 wks were 5 chemo's wkly, 3 of them in his spinal fluid & high doses of Steroids. He held up ok, was always tiered, felt yucky and really moody, but he moved forward with a smile like the champ he is. We once again achieved remission. We had some hospitals stays due to fevers and one infection in Nov. 2008 in his double line Hickman which was removed and he had the port put in, took some time for him to get used to it, but he soon handled it like a pro.
Jacob had a 2nd relapse almost a year later when we checked into the Hospital on Easter Sunday 2009, for his scheduled chemo. Our nightmare restarts, my stomach is tied up in knots. At least Jacob says he has fun at the hospital. Once a gain on June 19th we achieved remission! Then again came two more relapses, the last one, one wk before Bone Marrow transplant, Aug. 17, 2009. Mentally Jacob takes it a lot better than I do, it’s his smile that keeps me going every day. It is us as parents that do the massive worrying, stressing, anxiety attacks, sleepless nights, I know I just have to keep going, it’s all about Jacob! Aug. 31, 2009 after just one round of chemo Jacob got Fungal Pneumonia, the worst thing that could have happened, with no white cells, no immune system to fight this predator that is know invading his body. Every one was so afraid he was not going to make it, all I know, I was not going to give up Faith & Hope. This is my son and he WILL beat this and prove to every one he is a survivor! After getting the right antibiotic on board, Jacob walked out of that hospital 3 wks later on Sept. 20, 2009, with still no signs of the Leukemia rearing its ugly head, PRAISE GOD! He would be celebrating his 7th LUCKY MIRICLE BIRHTDAY on Oct. 7th! It was a time to celebrate. We could not start back up on the chemo where we left off because we had to have his lungs heal completely from the fungus. Weeks later the Leukemia started to make its rise in late Oct. to Nov. with vengeance. All we were doing between October and February was keeping the Leukemia at bay and lowering Jacob’s counts. Finally it came to the point where the Leukemia took over and Jacob’s little body had enough and could not fight any longer. This was the WORST DAY OF MY LIFE my heart broke in a million pieces. It is the worst think when your child takes their last breath in your arms. I am the proudest mommy in the world. To have the most courageous son, he fought to the end!
My Precious Jacob earned his Angel Wings on Feb 1, 2010 at 11:35pm, after a 3 1/2 yr battle.
Jacob is the strongest, bravest little Hero I will ever know, I learned a lot from his little soul, he taught me about the true meaning of life!
Nothing could have been possible without the Dr’s and Nurses, we thank all of them.
We had always kept the HOPE, STRENGTH & COURAGE through each day!
Thank you for every ones prayers!
Jacob you will ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART!