Tuesday, June 12, 2012


It’s been a couple of months since my last update on my pregnancy. Since my results coming back good on my amniocentesis I have enjoyed and was more relaxed with my pregnancy. I have to say my pregnancy has been easy and I was looking forward to going to full term with this little boy. Well he had different plans, I went in for more NST appt on May 29th and then they sent me over for extended monitoring in Labor & Delivery to find out his heart rate kept dropping and coming right back up. This is so scary, not to mention stressful, I was like not again!! This is how my last pregnancy with Jacob ended, granted Jacob was 2 days past his due date, but it still ended in an emergency c section. So any ways with his heart rate continuing to drop the Dr did not feel comfortable letting me go to find out my baby’s heart had stop. Of course my little life inside me was my first priority, so when she told me we need to do a c section tonight I agreed. I had my concerns about how early he was going to be, but at 34 weeks & 5 days they told me there should not be much to worry about. Of course there could be some small concerns but we just need to get him out and go from there. It was about 5pm and things moved quickly, I was in the OR about 2 hours later being prepped for the c section, with so much running through my head, just praying please let my baby boy be ok!!! They pulled him out SCREAMING, what a great sign, he came out perfect and YES HE WAS HOLDING HIS OWN and we were told he was doing great!

MAY 29TH 2012 AT 7:17PM
3 LBS 15 OZ , 16.9 IN LONG

He is still in the NICU, not sure when he will be coming home, it could be another 3 weeks and only time will tell. He needs to eat fully from a bottle, sometimes he comes close to taking a full 2 oz bottle and other times only half then the rest goes into his feeding tube & his current weight is now 4lbs 8 oz.  A brain scan was also done last tues, this is normal protocol for preemies and they saw a shadow, they do not know what that could have been so they are re-doing it today, please pray that it is nothing.


Thank You for your continued prayers,

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  1. Dillon is so beautiful...I've enjoyed seeing his daily pic and your updates on FB. I'm praying for him and your family, and I know Jacob is proudly looking over him. I have to believe he helped send the perfect fit to your family. Hugs and love, and warmest congratulations to you guys!!