Dear Jacob

Hi, I am Melisa, known as Mommy to my beautiful 7yr old boy Jacob. Journaling has always been something I did, as a stress outlet for me, to keep friends, family and total strangers updated on Jacob. I was truly amazed with these so called strangers, their guestbook posts showed me how compassionate and truly concerned they really were, their comments truly uplifted my spirit. These so called strangers were no longer called strangers; they became my much needed and looked up to “PRAYER WORRIORS”!
These letters to Jacob were started at the time of his passing on Feb 1, 2010, when I was trying to deal with my son Jacob's death, I always new this could happen but by no means did I expect it to happen that night of the 1st. I felt I had not said what I wanted to say to Jacob, because it had happened so quickly. So that morning of the 2nd, about 2:30am. We had been home for about 2 hours from the hospital and sleep was not something I could do. So I sat at the computer trying to figure out how or what I was going to post on Jacob’s Caringbridge site of the heart breaking news of Jacob’s Passing. I sat crying, no words, nothing at all was coming to mind. I was so numb, I felt like I was face forward against a brick wall! I could not think of any thing but the night’s tragic events, as I held on to my precious Jacob, watching ever detail, any movement, with a million things going through my head. How and why is this happing? Why can’t it be me, If I could just have one more day, one hour, I’ll even take one more minute to share with Jacob before he went to be with God in Heaven FOREVER!
So as I sat their crying the words started to flow starting with
Dear Jacob……………………………………………….
This is one of the ways that helped me with the loss of my only child Jacob.
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