Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Never did we think we would be in the place we are in life

^i^ My Angel Jacob – 5 months in Heaven ^i^

These pic's are of Jacob's first set of blood work on June 15th, one month before we got a diagnosis
As I sit and think about when Jacob was diagnosed 4 years ago, Friday, July 14th 2006I never would have thought that we would be without our Precious Jacob. The memories of that day still so fresh in my mind or should I say singed into my mind. I remember going to the Dr's for more extensive blood work later in the afternoon on Thursday, July 13th and sent home being told we will call you later with the results. Never for one minute did I think Jacob had CANCER!!! I remember going home pre pairing dinner and sitting on the bed with Jacob watching Peter Pan, which I can not watch now with out thinking about everything that went on during that time, a movie I now prefer not to watch. Heading to bed after the movie and waking the next morning for work and seeing if Jacob would feel up to going to Summer Day camp. Jacob & I got to work about 7:30am and 8:30am got a phone call from the Ped's Onc. clinic telling me that it was urgent that I bring Jacob down that they had red flags on his blood work. Still did not think cancer, but yes at this point I was really nervous and had a lump in my throat, I did know something was wrong. Work of course came to a stop, nothing finished and Jacob & I were off. We got there, checked in, called in by the nurse and was told to go to the back play room and was told the Dr was going to come see us.......GULP.........what is it that Jacob has?!?!?! The Dr came in and saw Jacob playing with some of their toys and ask me if he would be fine if I went to her office, Jacob heard that and there would be no way I was leaving him. She came right out with we think Jacob might have some kind of blood cancer & needed to do further tests & Jacob would be admitted. That was it for me, I lost it.....HOW......WHAT........NO MY SON DOES NOT HAVE CANCER!!!! She asked if I had any one to call and she would leave me alone to make the calls. From that point I don't remember what I said just that I was trying to make as much sense over my crying, my heart is in my stomach, a lump was in my throat and a headache was coming on. We spent the next 3 1/2 wks in the hospital, coming out with Jacob in remission and feeling good.

First few days in the hospital
Wed.,July 19 he has his new 2 line hickman in
Infection in his lungs is not the only concern; they fear he might be deteriorating. Please pray for a full recovery, he needs your prayers!

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  1. Those pictures you shared of Jacob are beautiful...oh how you must miss him so much. It's certainly unimagineable to go through what you have - no one ever thinks their child has cancer. I'm sure there is so much that is a blur, but so much that you will always remember (even if you wish you could forget). I'm praying that those difficult memories can begin to be overshadowed by the happier ones. Keep taking things a day or moment at a time....praying for you!!