Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Can I just say WOW!!!

I could only pray that things continue to get better and we keep moving forward!

We did have clinic on Monday for blood work, I thought we would just make sure his counts look ok and that he would not need blood or Platelet transfusions. Well he didn't, his body is recovering from the terrible fungal Pneumonia and fighting it's own battle. WOW I am so pleased to here this. The Dr's said he looked so good that they wanted to do another chest x-ray so they can really see what we are looking at and to see what are next step was going to be. WEEEELLLLLL his lungs are almost all clear, there is only one little spot, so much better from 7 days prior from when we got out of the hospital :O) So to my surprise and so glad to here that we are going to start where we left off on his chemo. So today (Tuesday) we went to get Jacob's chemo and also tomorrow (Weds). So now we are back on track, praying that we hit no more road blocks and hit remission.

One last note, there were peoples out there, sad to say even some Dr's, you know who you are! That they really thought because of the pneumonia being Fungal and Jacob still not being in remission with no Immune system that there was really nothing we could do for Jacob. We were even told this by one of the Dr's, can I just say one thing...............IN YOUR FACE!!!!!! LOOK AT MY LITTLE JACOB NOW!! He was not going to give up there for there was no way I was going to give up, did not even cross my mind. AND DON'T YOU EVER FORGET THAT! The next time some one sends me an e-mail like that I will not be that nice about it.

Thank You so much for so many more people keeping Jacob in your prayers and sending encouraging words our way, it really does mean the world to us.



  1. That is super fantastic! I started praying for Jacob some months back because Tina(bustylavern)on a craft board I belong to asked us to. She loves Jacob and your family so much!Love the "IN YOUR FACE!"

  2. Thanks leta You Rock gf see mel they are sending prayers from all over the world Amen