Thursday, April 9, 2009

OH Man!!! It has almost been 2 wks sice I posted. I tell you, with Jacobs clinic and Hospital stays, and working the days blend into wks and the wks into months and the next thing I am thinking is "what has passed and or what have not taken care of" UHG!! But I am glad the time seems to go by so fast, during this time.

We were actually able to get away this last past weekend, Jacob was so excited to go riding and play with another little girl. He was so cute, being so atentive to her wants and needs. It was just nice to get away, even for just a few days :O)

We go in once again to clinic on Friday for blood work and to see if his counts are good enough to start chemo on Monday. If so we will be admitted on Sunday for most of the week.

I hope every one has a wonderful Easter!!

Thank You for your prayers for our little Jacob,


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