Monday, March 30, 2009

You never know!!!!!

We had a relaxing weekend, Jacob is getting over his head cold or his allergy's that got out of control. We spent the whole day Sunday out side in the warm sun :o)

Saturday evening my good friend Coleen and I went to a Celebration for one of our school teachers in Junior High. I know, how on earth do I remember, I will tell you something about this teacher, Mr Queen is one of a kind, a dieing breed of teachers!! Both him and his wife lived there work, they loved the kids. These two were so passionate and motivated about there kids they had meaning behind there teachings and might I add they made all of us believe in ourselves. It is just amazing how certain teachers have that special place in your heart and remain there through out the years. On a sad note, I knew that Mr Queens Wife had past away, this was also one of the reasons for the gathering on Sat., It was there 5oth Wedding Anniversary. I did not know what she has past away from until Saturday, it was Leukemia. Why Why Why??? Is a question that comes to me so often, an question that will never be answered. So sad, so many GOOD people have to suffer with this cancer and other cancers. We all love you Mr. Queen!!!
Mr Queen

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