Friday, April 30, 2010


^i^ My Angel Jacob – 2 mnths in Heaven ^i^

Don’t we all wish this could be so true, every day I prayed they would announce the cure for Jacob’s Leukemia. Well why can’t it come true some day?? Most of you know every year I fundraise for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, well I will be doing the same this year but for now I have some Great exciting news………………………………………………….
So get a hold of this, KCAL 96.7FM a local radio station here in the Inland Empire is fundraising for the Leukemia Lymphoma Soc. so of course I had the erg to send over an e mail to the station, now of course I am thinking who reads the e mail if read at all :0/ But any how I just wanted to let them know what a great thing they are doing, it is such a great cause they are raising money for, and on and on and on. Also letting them now why it means so much to me and giving a brief rundown with our battle with Jacob and listed his site link. Well, “OMG” yes Tiffany from the morning show e mailed right back, WOW, they do read their e mails LOL She let me know that she read Jacob’s Caringbridge site and my blog and she was so touched and was amazed the battles we had been through. I was also told, that very morning they were talking about how they really needed a voice, someone that new 1st hand what it was like to live the life of cancer, & well, along came my e mail. WOW is that a sign or what :0D I have been through it all, we battled with our son for almost 4 years, 3 relapses, tried all kinds of treatments, had our shares of roadblocks, surviving Fungal pneumonia and eventually lost our precious Jacob to this “STUPID” Leukemia, boy I think I’m qualified. So the exciting news is that Yes I will be that voice, the voice for my Jacob & for all the other families out there with a family member that has been cursed with this monster called cancer. I am going to go on air with them on Monday May 3rd @ 7am, to see how many of you we can get to reach in those pockets and help out with a great cause. Don’t wait till it’s your family that is hit by cancer, make a difference now! Think of the kids and their family’s thatwill benefit and trying to get that much closer to a CURE. Please look into those Childs eyes and help get one step closer to stop the suffering. I have KCAL’s link posted, so you can even listen live.
Okay rockers, it's time for you to step up! Jimbo has been nominated as a candidate for Man of the Year in the Leukemia Lymphoma Society’s 2010 campaign for Southern California. How does he win? By doing a better job of getting you to help him crush cancer than any other nominee can do.

Here's a video, just one of the reasons they are raising money.

Thank You for your continued prayers!

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