Thursday, March 18, 2010

A little something to think about, I know I did!

^i^ My Angel Jacob - 6 weeks in Heaven ^i^

Yesterday, St Patrick’s day, one of the days Jacob really enjoyed. He always liked to be goofy with me, taking pictures with me with that day’s festive attire. He never had a problem with this, he did always like to act silly with me, “Just like Mommy”. Strange things happening, at first it was only me but when I got to work this morning to find out it was not. When I got into work yesterday morning (St Patty’s Day) I glanced at my cell to see if I had missed any calls when I realized there were 4 sent text messages from a little earlier that morning and remember I have no other children. Jacob was no Stanger to my cell phone and thinking he was just so cool making phone calls & texting people, so this was nothing new to me to see odd texts on me cell. 1st sent text: m 2nd sent text: ??>>+- 3rd text: ???????k?? 4th text: (it was Blank) I don’t think I am going crazy, at least not yet LOL! Then my brother came in this morning and said at the bowling last night all the team balls were on the rack and then from out of nowhere they notice a small 10lb ball, the one the kids played with on the return with all the team balls!?!? No one had an answer for HOW or WHEN the ball got there, when one of the team players out of the blue said it’s Jacob! I was told it this morning, so see it’s just not me that has gone crazy, it’s all of us LOL.
As Jacob would say “I DIDN’T DO IT”

San Diego Blood Bank flyer, in Jacobs Honor. :o/ they of course did not know Jacob had past :o( But it is still a great cause. So any one in the area go donate, help save a life, view the flyer

Thank You for the Continued prayers!


  1. we love you mel and we are praying for you and Tony i am also sending the link of my blog so all can flow over k love ya Kat

  2. Wow Mel you have done a amazing job blogging here what a blessing to be able to come and read it all thank you for sharing it all <3 Kat