Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to you

We had a busy but good weekend, we had a small family gathering for Jacob for his Birthday on Sunday, it really made his day :O) Wed. is his actual Birthday and I thank God every day that we are home and we get to celebrate his 7th Birthday!! My one Birthday wish came true! I am so grateful that Jacob is feeling so good.

I need to know if there are any more people that want to buy a Jacob's HOPE t-shirt, I am taking orders??? $15.00ea Black T-Shirts front logo:Jacob's HOPE with a orange Ribbon. Back: Jacob's Pic with Fight for a Cure & Hope Strength Courage. Taking orders tonight and Tomorrow just let me know the size, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


  1. Melisa,I would love to buy one! How are you accepting payment as I live in NC. Tina can vouch for me if you need a check. Or paypal? I wish you had more time on the t-shirts as we could put it on our craft board.

  2. Adding of course you would have to add postage.