Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's the Miracles you have to believe in

After weeks of battling Jacob’s Fungal Pneumonia and high temps and not even knowing which direction he was going during the first week into the second. It was so hard to watch your child feel so miserable not wanting to talk, eat, just sleep and watch TV. At one point we started having blood pressure issues witch was due to all the fluid he was retaining, (7 lbs of fluid) When these Kids with no immune systems get Fungal Pneumonia it is just so hard for there already weak little bodies to fight, and what they have for them now is the anti fungal medicines; even then it is so critical. With each X-Ray we so just a little improvement each time, this was nice to here, at least he was not going backwards. We had to go day by day with Jacob, not knowing is the hardest, after about two weeks I started to see little improvements with the way he was acting and slowly starting to get his appetite back, but with the fevers that kept coming back and spiking at 104 was really scary, I just prayed they would stop and to see him get better. There was one morning when we saw the most improvement, it was just over night when we saw his stats level out and his personality started to change, it was a Miracle!!! It was all the prayers that were being said for Jacob. We were never to give up HOPE, and have the FAITH that we were going to move forward. 3 wks after being admitted we were going home, something that would not have been possible with out Dr Horvath (the one Dr that never once gave up HOPE) and the Nurses that fought over who was going to take credit for Jacob’s improving Health :O) Its was all of you, THANK YOU!! Now that we have been home for about a week now Jacob is doing so well, his legs are really weak still, but getting stronger with each day. I can not believe what we have been through, every ones prayers and words of encouragement helped us get through this time, THANK YOU!! Doing this whole time we have not been able to treat his Leukemia, just another scary thing for me, I just pray, pray and pray that that stays under control until we start up chemo again. I hope this starts up soon, I am being told we will probably start up slowly in the next week or so. Please pray that Jacob stays healthy and his Leukemia stays at bay.
Thank You so much for praying for our precious little Jacob!!

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