Sunday, August 2, 2009

You never think it will happen to you & then..............

BAM!!!! Susie, one of Jacob's Nurses, one that has been with him since day one, one that we we also grew to love as part of our "extended family". She got terrible news at the beginning of the week that her little sister was diagnosed with Leukemia. Can this madness ever stop!!! ONE DAY! Please everyone keep Susie's little sister and there family in your prayers, Thank You! We love you Susie!!

OK, Everyone, Jacob had so many vile's of Blood that they took at his Clinic appt on Friday, so I think most of the pre-transplant blood draws are done and we will find out about the rest of the pre-transplant tests on Tuesday at City of Hope. Wist us luck and keep the prayers coming :O)

Thank You for Keeping our little Jacob in Your Prayers!!

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