Friday, August 14, 2009

We got through it

It takes courage to ride out the hurricane, it's the fear that keeps you hiding in a safe place and it is the blue Sky's and the warmth of the sunshine that brings you back out!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the prayers from our prayer warrior's, the power of prayer!!! Jacob's marrow is clear and his genetics look great, we even got some other good news. May of 2008 they found a strain of the Philadelphia gene and this time it was not there, they say it is most likely the Gleevec he is on. So we are now moving forward or I should say switched to fast forward. One moment they thought the were going to start to cancel pre transplant appts and then we are a go. So Yesterday 8/12/09 Jacob got his new Hickman and today 8/13/09 he got fitted for his radiation mask and the consult. The making of the mask was completely terrifying for him as you can see in the pic :O/ We are going to start radiation on the 24th and admission on the 31st.I hope every one enjoys there weekend &Thank you so much for wraping Jacob in your prayers!!!

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