Saturday, July 25, 2009

Being Thankfull for each day!

Thanking God everyday for every time I see Jacob's Beautiful smile and every day we are out of the Hospital!!

Jacob has had good clinic appts, his counts are starting to recover. SOOOOOO it makes me even more anxious to start moving forward with City of Hope with Jacob's Transplant. He does have his first Appt with City of Hope on Aug 4th. Please pray we get nothing but good news, and we have a match that is a go!!!!! Every extra day spent doing tests and or looking for that match just makes my stress and the anxiety worse for me. I am just so scared on the waiting, and with the time that passes, it is just the unknown that scares me. I Pray my one and only prayer that God is looking over us and that the Transplant is Jacob's cure.

We met a beautiful couple inside and out, from Nebraska On Wed's. After following Jacob's CaringBridge site for a while, Cindi wanted to meet Jacob in person. We had a great Dinner and conversation. Thank You for EVERY THING!!!! I am really glad I got to meet them.

I also wanted to say thank you Katina for the slide show!! Check it out:

Thank You for every one that has signed the petition and if you have not done so, PLEASE DO SO!!! WE NEED SIGNATURES!

Thank You for every ones prayers for our Jacob!

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