Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eventfull day

Good Morning, to be exact 1:30am, earlier in the day Jacob had a visitor form the Leukemia Society, Light the Night Staff bearing gifts for Jacob. Just brighten up his day, Thanks Carie!!!
Carie-Thank You!

Hannah, Jacob's little neighbor across the hall made lot's and lot's of art work for jacob, ofcourse he got a kick out of that, he yelled his thank you's across the hall,Thank You!
Jacob's Chemo ended at 3:45pm, felt a little sick once again but it passed, just glad this round is over!! Now we will just wait to see if will be able to get out of here on Thursday.

Thank You for your prayers for our little Jacob,

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  1. Hey Melisa,

    I was trying to figure out how to get ahold of you. It's me Virginia;ya know Chance's Mom. I will e-mail you but I am happy to hear Jacob is doing better