Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Hi I'm Melisa, I am a mom to my Hero, Jacob, a Hero who lost his battle to CANCER!

When I lost my son to Cancer, life changed as we know it, I was broken, but knew I needed to move forward. Being strong during Jacob's cancer treatment was the only way or I would have been lost & useless to Jacob, that was not an option. Strength is what got me through it and also helped me after cancer took him from us. No matter how much it hurt, I continued to help the others I have met through Jacob's cancer journey and other kids that I did not know. 

Helping other kids also helped me heal.

Sometimes it something that I can not accomplish on my own and I do need to reach out to others to help. SEPTEMBER is CHILDHOOD CANCER awareness month.

Chemo Care Sacs for the peds oncology, with help a child through there chemo, are you willing to help? I am placing an order for the sacs tomorrow night to start getting my sacs to the kids in September.
I am also looking for fun pillow cases, small soft fleece tie blankets, soft beanie's, travel size fragrance-free lotion, tooth brushes, tooth paste, socks, mints, gum, hand sanitizer, lip balm, antibacterial hand wipes, soft socks, colored pencils or pins, coloring books, , small toys, simple crafts, card games.

Thank You,
Melisa (Jacob's Mom)

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