Saturday, February 1, 2014

Missing you!!

It's hard to believe that it has been 4 years since Jacob went to be in Heaven, there are still times I wake up and think I forgot to give Jacob one of his pills or we missed a Dr appt. There are times I just can't shake that feeling that there is something missing, yes my precious boy Jacob!  There is never a day I don't think about Jacob, wish things could have been different, but I know this was Jacobs roll on earth, short it was but lots of lives changed.

On Feb. 1st 2010 at 11:35pm our lives were changed forever, Memories are what kept me going.  Jacob's BIG beautiful smile will always put a smile on my face.

Heavy on my mind today, love you so much & miss you always!

I go to bed at night hoping & praying I will see him in my dreams, if it was only for a quick hug and a "I love you"!  It is the littlest things I miss!

Thank You for your continued prayers and support!

Jacob, Always In Our Hearts

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