Monday, October 1, 2012


Yes we came home about a month later, once Dillon mastered the suck, swallow & breath technique and got to 5 lbs they wasted no time to send us home.
We all settled in just fine, it’s been 10 years since I did all this with Jacob ^♥^ Just like riding a bike it all came right back. A lot of emotional moments, remembering when Jacob was this small. Jacob was also 5 lbs when we brought him home, I love all the memories. These are all the memories I will be sharing with Dillon as he grows, all the wonderful things about his big brother Jacob now in Heaven looking down and watching over us. ^♥^ Dillon’s 2 mnth appt on July 27th went well, he got his first set of immunizations, screamed bloody murder but was fine after I held him. He is growing so fast, he weighed 7 lbs, 11 oz & 19.25 in.
About 2 wks later we had a huge scare, we noticed his testicle was swollen and trying not to let my mind go to a place it should not I quickly got him to the Dr’s. (this is why I HATE BEING A CANCER MOM) My anxiety, fear & stress level just grew as the Dr tells me I am not sure what it is, there is a lump there, could be a hernia but we can usually push a hernia back in *GULP* (just relax Melisa, don’t go there…..telling myself its nothing) and to make everything worse the Dr did not want me to take Dillon home, she wanted us to go straight to ultra sound to see what was there. If you can only imagine the state I was in at this point, an emotional train wreck and to make matters worse the U/S tech needed a second opinion on what she was seeing, as I sit there holding Dillon I completely “LOST IT” My prayers could not be heard enough!!!!! What really sucks is that the tech’s cannot share what they see :0/ I did ask but no, got nothing, so we go home and wait for the test results?? OH NO they said they had to send us to URGENT CARE….WHAT!!! WHAT ARE YOU SEEING?!?!?! At this point I just wanted to start screaming at everyone, it did not help we were already there over 5 hrs. SSSOOOOO we finally see the Dr and find out it is a hernia, ALL THAT FOR A HERNIA!!! BIG sigh of relief, thank God!! So Dillon does need surgery and it will be set 1 or 2 days before Halloween. I just want to get this past us and I don’t want any more hospital stays. Dillon is growing & changing so fast and we are loving every moment! We had his 4 mnth appt on Friday September 28 he is doing great and catching up quickly to the normal growth chart, he weighing 11 lbs, 10 oz & 24in.
Thank You for your continued prayers, Melisa

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