Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Making a difference

^i^ My Angel Jacob – 3 months in Heaven ^i^

It’s so true that it is a FACT of life that Jacob is no longer with us and that it is a BATTLE EVERDAY to coup with that very fact. Back in 2006 when Jacob was first diagnosed, it was that fact that I had to deal with, my child has CANCER, NO, HOW & WHY. It just wowed me to see a whole new world open in front of me. I was introduced to patients and their families, Doctors, Nurses, medications/chemo’s, side effects, spinals, bone marrow aspirations, IV’s, ports, LIVING IN YOUR ONW PERSONAL BUBBLE watching the world outside pass you by and so much more. Also a new language, at first it was…………………..HUH……………………..?!?!? In a short time and the internet I was a pro, I even found myself helping other families, even with everything so new to me & trying to deal with our own demeans I still stepped out to help the other families that had that scared lost look. Each time I saw that it just tore at me. I think it was easier for me to help others because I had a VERY POSSITIVE outlook on what we were going through, Jacob WAS going to be ok, we WERE going to get through this. Sure I had a melt down when we told that Jacob had cancer, and even now it was all a blur I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT. Just like I WILL NEVER FORGET the last breath Jacob took in my arms from the very cancer I said would not take my son!!!! Two things I could do, HATE LIFE or TRY TO TURN MY EXPERIENCE to something POSITVE. Yes at times that is hard to do, but I do try to extend my hand every day to those lost families. Knowing firsthand what they are going through from point A to Z of course makes it easier to be there for other families and I could never be accused of not knowing what the heck I am talking about :0/
I was once told by one of the nurses the reason Jacob always wore a smile was because no matter what I always walked in wearing a smile and a HI. Sometimes they wondered what was really hiding behind my smile. This little quote was given to me, I thought this is so true.

Thank You for the continued prayers!

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  1. Wow Melisa this is amazing! You are quite gifted and God is using those gifts. I really believe you are fulfilling your purpose and then some on this earth :) God bless you my friend! I often wonder how I would be if I lost Dylan, and that is such a reality for me. I am so very proud of you and the kind of person you are :) That sweet boy was a shining example of you and your loving spirit. Thank you for sharing this website and for helping me stay strong through Dylan's battle. With love,
    Kimberly Peters