Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010 3:13 AM

Saint Jude, intercede for me

as I ask God for strength,

wisdom and patience.

I pray that Heaven’s angels

Watch over me and keep me

Close in their care.

All I ask for from everyone are prayers for our little Jacob, praying that his guardian angels are watching over him. He has been through so much but always seem to prove to everyone how strong he really is. I pray that this is another one of these times. With his Pneumonia we can only pray he is improving, he seems like he is, but we won’t know until we see how his lungs look after the x ray tomorrow (Monday). So please pray for DRAMATIC changes! His Leukemia is another story we don’t know what happening there, we will probably find out what we are going to do also on Monday. There is not a day that does not go by that I pray that I wake up and Jacob is cancer free. The HOPE still leaves in my heart!!

Please pray the ultimate healing prayer for Jacob.

I will try to update later on everything .

Thank You for keeping our Jacob in your prayers!


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