Friday, April 22, 2011

One good deed, one BIG smile

Easter is already here, how the last 14 months have come so fast.
So many parents know as I know when you have a child with Cancer there is a lot of time spent in the hospital. The staff becomes your second family; you can walk down the hallways and start to recognize the faces. Soon it’s a smile and hello from so many people in so many areas of the hospital. Even though Jacob is no longer with us I just can’t forget that part of my life and all the people along the Journey. So it is nice that I can do something in return and make other kids smile, it makes me feel good. I can look at as part of my healing process, helps me move forward.
Patty a friend of mine went down with me yesterday to go deliver baskets to the pediatrics floor at the hospital. Everyone got such a kick out of the baskets I made. I am just glad they hit, they did have a lot of chocolate :o)
Thank you to all that helped!!
Everyone have a Blessed Easter!