Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I pray that someday it would all end

^i^ My Angel Jacob – 11 months in Heaven ^i^

Emotions run crazy, some even run your life, and how can they not when you have a child with cancer. A child that you are afraid for, a child that is in the toughest battle of their life. As parents we are the ones that have to keep it together, it is the toughest thing to do, not to let your child see the fear and the tears in your eyes. No matter how many times I here it, no matter how close to home it hits I WILL NEVER GET USE TO THE WORD CANCER.

I have some friends that have a good friend that has his family being tormented by cancer, this cancer is DIPG and it is their 4 year old son Noah that is battling this ugly beast. I ask, please keep Noah and his family in your thoughts and prayers to help them get through this. Noah is going in for a very dangerous biopsy surgery in the morning please remember him in your prayers. Thank You!

I am also asking you to please keep Willie in your prayers, it is a friend of mine, he was in San Diego riding with some friends and had a terrible accident on his motorcycle and is currently in ICU.

Thank You for you prayers and support!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Look forward, there is always something

^i^ My Angel Jacob – 11 months in Heaven ^i^

I pray and hope everyone had a blessed and joyous Christmas and New Year! The Holiday's for us this year were just better spent not at home, just wanted them to pass us by. Sounds bad, but if I just held my breath closed my eyes and counted we would just get through them all. But now that we are through the Holidays we are now looking at the new year, what will it bring? It brings the 1 year anniversary of Jacob going to Heaven on Feb 1st, a hard thought to coup with.
Praying that the New Year will bring us that much closer to that cure to cancer!

Please remember to keep little Avery in your prayers who was recently diagnosed with a Brainstem Glioma a cancerous brain tumor. She is currently being treated in Maryland on a clinical trial and this family needs your help. If you are in the area of Rancho Cucamonga, CA on Jan 10th between 4 & 9pm they are having a fundraiser to help this family out at Vince's Spaghetti. Flyers are needed so if you are interested please just e mail me melisncal@aol.com and I will send over a flyer. Thank You!

Thank you for everyones prayers and support!