Sunday, September 19, 2010

Always the question

^i^ My Angel Jacob – 7 months in Heaven ^i^

It has been 7 months since Jacob passed, it has been 4 years & 2 Months since Jacob was Diagnosed, we have been through heartbreak to hope with healing to desperation followed by many victory’s always followed with more hope & celebration & praising God & back to heartbreak with some sense of comfort & to devastation. We always had the confidence that Jacob would beat his cancer and he would move forward with his life. Now his life sores in the Heavens above with unbelievable influences on everything I am doing with fundraising & all the people he still touches with the story of his journey.

It has been about a month since I last updated, I just am so lost when it comes to writing in my journal and dealing with his death. It seems to be a lot harder dealing with his loss, my emotions come in waves. I work through them and move on with my daily life. Jacobs Birthday will be here in a little over two weeks, Oct 7th the day he would be turning 8, that date is already taking a huge toll on me. His 1st Birthday seems like yesterday, beautiful memories.

There are still so many kids I follow on Caring Bridge, so many kids that have lost their battles with Cancer and so many that I still pray for & new ones that will be diagnosed. The Cancer that is putting our kids through so much leaves me SO ANGRY!! I find my self asking why does this keep happening it’s not fare! I know it is something I need to accept as part of life, but it’s a part of life that is so hard to swallow. But what ever I can do to help, I will continue to do so.

This coming Sunday I will be having my 2nd Annual Charity Crop, 100% of all the funds raised will be used to help us get a closer to that cure and to help the families in need. Please if you are able to help in any way I would so much appreciate it. I am not even half way to my $3000.00 goal, a goal that means a lot to me to meet. You can go to to donate directly to Light the Night or a $25.00 donation to the charity crop for the crop sign up or just to donate. Any thing at all would be greatly appreciated. Even if I just had every one donate just $1.00 to Light the Night, that is $1. For everyone that has followed Jacobs Journey, Jacob has over 1,000 followers, WOW.